Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Star Wars Spin-Offs

Reports from Disney Studios suggest that along with the upcoming new Star Wars Trilogy, screenwriters are working on a series of “spinoff” movies based on characters and events from that galaxy far, far away. Dogs & Jeans has obtained an advance list of some of the potential Star Wars related movies that could soon be at a Cineplex near you:
princess leia, star wars, bikini, sexy, carrie fischer
  • ·         Han Solo and the College Roommate From Hell
  • ·         Life of Fett
  • ·         Les Miserables Ewoks
  • ·         Gilmore Girls: The Movie (not that it has anything to do with Star Wars but it’s about time gosh darn it!)
  • ·         It’s a Trap!
  • ·        How Leia Got Her Groove Back
  • ·         Chewbacca Unchained
  • ·         Zero Darth Thirty


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