Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Phony Russian Brides

Russian mail order sexy bride
A Texas man is on trial for attempting to kidnap his Ukrainian Internet girlfriend for the purposes of slowly killing her after he learned that she had bilked him of thousands of dollars. This is not the first time that Dogs & Jeans has addressed the issue of scamming foreign bride services. Perhaps this list of indicators would help lonely men identify if their Russian mail order bride is genuine in her affection:
  • She signs her emails with Anna, Olga and Karina claiming they are all the same in Russian.
  • You take her on a romantic getaway to Minsk, with an insurance guy from Cleveland named Lloyd.
  • Her answering machine plays her favorite romantic song Dan Hill's "Sometimes When We Touch," but has changed the next line to "the correct numeric sequence to your ATM card."
  • You have to wait in the hall while she takes a shower, with her 'Business Manager'.
  • The money you sent for her grandmother's emergency surgery turned out to be be for a new tattoo, for her boyfriend.
  • She drops her kids off at your hotel for you to watch while she goes to dinner with a CPA from Tampa.
  • Three months after accepting your marriage proposal, her website is still up claiming she is waiting to hear from a nice American man like you!
  • The provocative pictures she send of herself are addressed to Tony, Roy or Bill but your name is Peter.
  • She keeps avoiding consummating your relationship claiming her "penis hurts".


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Anonymous said...

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