Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook Losing Money?

After one week of trading Facebook stock continues to drop. Since the initial bump of $40 dollars, Share prices have continued to slide below its IPO value of $38 (as of this writing the share price has dipped below $32).

As expected, this has affected the Facebook company significantly. From the highs of the IPO launch euphoria, drastic changes have been happening to handle the much lower than expected revenue. Dogs & Jeans has seen the signs:

• Employee theme party “We’re Millionaires!” has been downgraded to “We’re Really, Really Rich!”
man wearing barrel and suspenders

• Zuckerberg has abandoned his traditional hoodie for a barrel and suspenders

• Current Facebook promotion: Click this add or we kill this puppy!

• Every stock purchase comes with $100 voucher for Groupon

• Employee parking spaces have been rented out to Sunglasses Hut, Virgin Mobile kiosks, Cinnibon stands and Inkjet refill services.

• The Winkle Voss twins have been driving past Facebook HQ in a fan bearing the slogan “Suck It!”

• Even Curt Schilling turned down an offer to head up their new business division

• Construction has been halted on the Olympic-sized employee ball pit

• Every second computer monitor’s screen saver has been replaced with a scrolling ‘YOU”RE FIRED!” message.


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