Monday, April 16, 2012

Shocking Truth Behind The Scene?

Journalist were given a rare peek behind the curtain revealing the faces of the real North Korea last week. Foreign press are normally restricted to government approved neighbourhoods and facilities when in the rigid communist country and see only what the ruling party wants them to see. However, an error by the bus driver took the reporters on short trip to see crumbling buildings and crushing poverty only one wrong turn from the streets which stand as ideals of socialist living. Among the dirt roads, beggars and animal powered vehicles that make it difficult to distinguish residential Pyongyang from a 15th Century Korean village were some surprisingly anachronistic sights:

  • Newt Gingrich’s regional campaign office

  • Korean Starbucks equivalent: The Glorious People’s Caffeine Emporium of Invincible Proletariat Flavor.

  • Posters announcing the annual Reaping

  • A queue for “Bottoms Up!” Pyongyang’s hottest gay night club

  • Six Sunglasses Huts

  • Former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks in concert

  • An H & R Block kiosk manned by Casey Anthony

  • Lindsey Lohan also having taken a wrong turn after too many cocktails


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