Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunger Date

Now that the crowds have thinned out somewhat, Mrs. Trooper and I went on a little ‘dinner and a movie’ date this weekend to watch "The Hunger Games" at our local Dodeca-Cineplex. Having both read the book, we were looking forward to see how the director would adapt the story of desperate teens killing one another in a televised gladiator/survival contest without making it seem too much like "The Voice."

Please enjoy these random observations:

“If I wanted to watch 12 minutes of commercials before the previews, I could have stayed home and saved 15 bucks!”

The Avengers looks cool! But unless the giant robots’ weakness is big breasts in squeezed into leather, I think Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow will be pretty ineffective at saving the world.”

“These reclining theatre seats are so comfortable. There’s no way I’d stay awake if we were here to see Remains of the Day

“Jennifer Lawrence appears about as starved as Lindsey Lohan seems sober.”

“The Reaping sequence looks familiar. I’m pretty sure it was called Schindler’s List the last time I saw it.”

“They should get an Academy Award in Make Up for making Elizabeth Banks look so terrible!”

“Cool beard Seneca.”

“North Korea must want the world to think life there is like the depiction of The Capitol when it really is like living in District 12.”

“During the training sequence they should be playing Carl Douglas’ ‘Kung Fu Fighting’.”

“Cinna sure looks familiar…”

“And they’re off! The fight at the Cornucopia wasn’t the bloodbath I expected but you still got the gritty sense of chaotic slaughter without the gory rampage that was possible. Tarantino might have done it differently.”

“What? No brown urine Katniss?”

“Okay, I’ll admit the fireballs are more interesting than three days of gradual dehydration.”

“Can’t decide if The District 11 uprising is a more moving response to Rue’s death or the sponsorship gift.”

“Where have I seen Cinna before? CSI? Law and Order? Where dammit?”

“And she saves Peeta. Boring romance though. If I was a Capitol viewer, I don’t think I’d be moved to help them.”

“The giant dogs in the movie are better than the book. I almost stopped reading when they introduced the re-animated tribute/mutant wolf hybrids.”

“Lennie Kravits! That’s who it is! Whew.”

“I bet John Edwards wished he could eat a handful of nightlock berries right about now.”

“Jeeze, you’d think with their ability to manipulate the weather and manifest wild dogs out of nothing, the game designers could have whipped up another crown in an hour or two.”

“And we are set for the sequel. Okay, now for some Indian food.”


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