Friday, April 20, 2012

Bad Fiction College

A recently released thesis from students at The Victoria Management School in Wellington, New Zealand presented a detailed scenario of a futuristic brothel where perfect robotic escorts will satisfy the desires of their clients in all manner of exotic ways. The proposal, submitted as part of a graduate degree program, paints a picture of red-light districts in the year 2050 where “about 100 scantily clad blondes and brunettes parade around in exotic G-strings and lingerie."

Since the research paper’s publication, the Victoria Management School has received thousands of admission requests from around the world from people who want to earn academic credentials by turning their questionable science fiction stories and late night masturbatory fantasies into academic dissertations.

Some of the ideas from potential PhD include:

  • Ways to Kill Hitler Through Time Travel

  • Using the Power of Invisibility to Have Sex with Supermodels

  • My Dinosaur Army

  • Free Nationalized Health Care for Everybody!

  • Bodybuilding Success with Beer and Pizza

  • Alien Abduction: How Anal Probes Can Cure Everything from Agoraphobia to Zygomycotic Infections.

  • What If “ThunderCats” Was Real?

  • The Year I Won the Superbowl

  • Hypnotic Suggestion for Fun and Profit!

  • Sarah Palin’s America


CheesyDoug said...

It seems a robot brothel would involve a certain amount of... chafing.

Trooper Thorn said...

CheesyDoug: Unless you are into chafing (remember this is a judgement-free zone), I'm pretty sure that by 2050 robots will be lube-equiped.

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