Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness Mistakes

Every year about this time, Dogs and Jeans offers advice on how to fill out your March Madness brackets. Since no money has come our way as a "reward" for this counsel, I can only imagine that readers have not taken the advice and have continued to lose their NCAA basketball pools. This year, we offer a collection of classic mistakes people make when betting college basketball.

You will be rolling in dough if you avoid the following errors:
  • Don't fill out your bracket while distracted, like in a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.
  • Don't start your bracket until an hour after eating.
  • Don't expect your alma mater to make the tourney, even if they had a winning record.
  • Don't take advice from Lindesy Lohan (you'd be surprised by how many people do!)
  • Don't accept pool fees from Rush Limbaugh in return for advertising on your bracket.
  • Don't count on prayer alone for your selections. You can let "Jesus take the wheel" on football, but Our Lord knew very little about basketball.
  • Don't ignore losses to small out-of-conference teams. A win over Maryland may not count as much as a loss to Julianne Moore College.
  • Don't forget: First pants, then shoes!
However, if any teams in the tournament sign Peyton Manning, be prepared to your break your bracket and start again.


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