Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Know Your Ides of March

Anyone who paid attention during high school English will know that March 15th is also known as the “Ides of March”. This is the day Julius Caesar was assassinated, the omen of which was made famous by Shakespeare when the soothsayer warns, “Beware the Ides of March”. The term ‘ides’ is derived from the Latin ‘idus,’ which simply refers to the ‘middle of the month”. The Romans used the 15th as the ides for those months with 30 days and the 13th as the ides for those months with fewer days.

A brief Google search will pull of some other fascinating tidbits of obscure information on the Ides of March:

  • In 1493, Columbus returned to Spain with his news of the New World. Nothing but good has come from that event since.

  • 7th U.S. President Andrew Jackson was born on the Ides of March 1767. If not for him the Johnny Horton song “Battle of New Orleans” would go:
“In 1814 we took a little trip,
Along with da-da-doo-dee down the mighty Mississip.”

  • March 15, 1820 Maine joined the United States. Lobster for everyone!

  • On this day in 1866, Norwegian inventor Johan Vaaler was born. If you have ever used a paper clip, you have him to thank.

  • Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice, was born in 1933. Mazel tov Madam Justice.

  • Soviet Marxist Nikolai Bukharin was executed after an eleven day trial on 1938 demonstrating how unhealthy it is to be a Bolshevik revolutionary.

  • “My Fair Lady” opened on Broadway in 1956. Exclamations of “I think she’s got it!” have annoyed people ever since.

  • 1955’s Ides of March saw the birth of Twisted Sister lead man Dee Snider who finally answered the oft asked question, “Are you going to take it?”

  • The first Internet domain name, symbolics.com, was registered March 15, 1985. This was quickly followed by boobs.com, tits.com and porn.com

  • Actress Caitlin Wachs was born on this day in 1989. Without her the direct-to-video film “Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch” would have been very different.


Julianna said...

You forgot Youngest's birthday as well. :) I say I'd be up for lobstah... but he wants to go to TGIFridays.


Trooper Thorn said...

Julianna: You can enjoy the deep fried lobster sticks (made with real imitation lobster flavored mozzarella cheese).

Xiang Nan said...

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