Friday, March 30, 2012

Is Romney Coasting?

An NBC poll shows Mitt Romeny has enough of a lead in Wisconsin to win the upcoming primary. With this win, Romney will have enough delgates to guarantee the Republican nomination. Those close to the GOP campaign point to the folloing as signs the former governmor has already put his leadership bid on cruise control and will be coasting into the nomination campaign:
  • Has blown off several meet-and-greets to see The Hunger Games 11 times.
  • Refuses to boycott Iranian oil.
  • Demanded all aides use their campaing phones to vote for American Idol contestant Elise Testone rather than call potential supporters.
  • sweatpantsDeclared all remaining campaign funds as 'surplus' so he could by Mega Millions lottery tickets.
  • Afternoon naps
  • Is secretly training for his appearance on Dancing With the Stars after two terms in office.
  • Has suspended all public appearances until after the Final Four.
  • Wears only sweatpants.


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