Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Robots Ruin Republican Race

sexy female robot fembot android
Automated phone messages to voters hit a new low leading up the Michigan and Arizona primaries. Robo-Calling, as it is known in political circles, is the process where people receive misleading recorded information from a computer managed phone list. Over the years,this process of making suggestions (in a sexy, breathy voice) about the other candidates has gone from annoying to downright offensive, all without crossing over the line to libelous. Sadly all the candidates are guilty of communicating half-truths and innuendo and we can only expect it to get worse as the campaign grows tighter.

Here’s a recent example:

“If you knew Mitt Romney only drank human blood for nourishment and slept in a hyperbaric chamber, would you be less likely to vote for him?”

“Is Rick Santorum the only candidate who doesn’t beat his wife?”

“Jersey Shore’s Snooki is pregnant? Could Mitt Romney be the father? We don’t know! Mitt needs to come clean!”

“Newt Gingrich is against the production and distribution of child pornography. Why hasn’t Ron Paul said anything? What does he have to hide?”

“With all the wild weather this year you have to ask yourself: How much is Rick Santorum to blame?”

North Korea in giving up its nuclear program just as New Gingrich’s campaign collapses. Was Newt supporting Kim Jong-un all this time? Could America be at risk with him in the White House?”

“People say Ron Paul smells like garbage. Is this what you want in a President?”

“4 in 5 Death Row inmates support Mitt Romney? What do they know that he won’t tell us?”