Friday, February 17, 2012

How To Be Happy

Scientists in Geneva have discovered the secret to living a happy life. Working in an secret underground laboratory for the past 16 years, a team of researchers have isolated the key to living a life free from care.

"It all comes down to not worrying about things," said Dr. Ingrid Schroeder, head of the study. "Too many people spent time being anxious over things they cannot change. Our research found that our test subjects even continued to worry over things they could change but chose not to."

The findings of the team can be summarized in the following graphic:

The American Association of Self-Help Book Publishers disputes the results of the Swiss research, claiming they are too simple. "We release over 500 new books a year aimed at helping people deal with relationship issues, addiction, body image, sleep disorders, debilitating fears etc. You can't replace all that wisdom with one picture that tells you to stop worrying," said Steve Miller, a spokesman for the organization. "There is an entire industry of public speakers that rely on peoples' anxiety."

When asked if the criticism of the self-help book publishers bothered him Dr. Schoeder replied, "Is there something I can do about it?" Then she smiled and walked away.


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