Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What's On TV?

With the arrival of January, the major TV networks have begun airing new TV shows to replace the duds they cancelled from last season. Many of these "mid-season" replacements are carbon copies of a formula that was already successful in the fall. Some, however, are difficult to categorize at all. Let Dogs & Jeans know if you will be watching any of these programs and our Crack Popular Culture Mavens can help broadcasters refine their broadcast schedule.

Zombie Teens
16 year old Casey Miller moves from Chicago with her family to a small Oregon town, where a battle rages between the living and the un-dead. When Casey falls in love with Pierre, the rotting son of the Zombie leader, the young couple faces persecution from both sides. Can their love survive, or will Pierre be forced to eat the brain of his beloved?

Cooking With Robbie Benson and Friends
Join former teen heart-throb Robbie Benson as he travels the country to cook up American classic dishes. Each week finds Robbie in the kitchens of his former movie co-stars like Glynnis O'Conner, Lynn-Holly Johnson and Annette O'Toole. Music will be provided by the surviving members of Seals and Crofts.

Name That Republican Candidate!
There is no better time that today's Iowa Caucuses to launch this current events/game show. There are over 40 registered Republican candidates, many of who have no campaign advertising budget. Show contestants can win fabulous prizes if they can identify at least one presidential hopeful before he or she drops out of the race.

Where Are We?
A cruise liner is shipwrecked on a mysterious tropical island and each week passengers are in for the scare of their lives. With creepy caverns, unexplained time travel, eerie mists and the random appearance and disappearance of survivors, this show is sure to be the talk of the office water coolers!

Yoga With The Stars
Celebrity guests like Greg Evigan, Annie Potts and the kids who was on "Jerry  McGuire" join with noted yoga instructors to bend and stretch their bodies into ancient contortions. Yoga judges Bikram Choudhury, Kyle Miller and Kermit the Frog will evaluate every Lotus, Cobra and Warrior pose with the same biting sarcasm you have come to expect from TV talent shows.

Facebook on TV

Now even people without computers can have that Facebook experience. Watch as people re-connect with acquaintances they haven't thought about since high school to observe they play Farmville, answer quizzes about with Brady Bunch character they most resemble and post photos of their vacation to Dayton. 

Sex Hospital
From the Telemundo Studios comes the sexiest drama on English TV. St. Usula's Hospital is the poorest sexual addiction clinic in Los Angeles and no obsession is too devious for them to treat. Even the doctors and nurses have uncontrollable desires. But even with it's lack of funding, the St. Ursula's erotic Chief of Surgery and the naughty Chairwoman only accept the most attractive patients and staff.

Arnold & Maria's Second Chance at Love
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will reconcile right before your eyes (and the TV cameras)! Join the former governor and his skeletal lady love as they attempt to rekindle the flames of the their politically charged love affair. Can Arnold resist groping the maids? Can Maria get her journalism career back on track? Tune in to find out!


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