Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bachmann's Spare Time

Michele Bachmann has become the first casualty of the Republican nomination race. After her poor showing in the Iowa caucus, the Minnesota congresswoman has withdrawn from further campaigning. However, Bachmann has vowed she will remain active and will continue to push America in the right direction.

But life can't be all politics. Bachmann will also be spending her newly found free time engaged in other pursuits:
  • Time to learn a new language. Hebrew sounds like fun.
  • Break out that wood burning kit that Santa left.
  • You know there is a book deal coming, but it will be for a collection of poetry.
  • Brush the dust of the P90X set and get ready for bikini season!
  • One word: Macrame
  • When the next season of Dancing With the Stars begin, she won't be PVR'ing it; she'll be livin' it Baby!
  • Ventriloquism has remained an unfulfilled passion.
  • Xerophytic Landscape Design could be a meaningful hobby away from the media attention.
  • Tour the county with Michelle Palin as an Indigo Girls cover band.
  • Get in line early to buy the new iPad.
  • Let's say it again: Macrame!

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