Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Know Your Christmas TV Specials

December is the time of year for all the Christmas TV Specials, some classic and some less than classic. Aside from the shows that everyone knows (Rudolph, The Grinch, Charlie Brown, Frosty etc.) many regular TV series have produced special Christmas episodes. In fact, it would surprise you know that some of the least likely programs have broadcast a yuletide extravaganza. See if you can spot the real ones in the Dogs & Jeans Christmas Special True or False:

The Six Million Dollar Man "Bionic Christmas": Steve Austin encounters a problem with government contractor Horton Budge, who is a cheap "Scrooge" with his employees. Steve, dressed as Santa Claus, uses his bionics to emulate the Charles Dickens classic and convince Budge to change his ways.
True or False?

The A Team "B.A. Baracus Is Comin' To Town": When the State Department cuts funding for a local orphanage right before Christmas, the A Team go after the rogue elements in the agency who are using the orphanage as a front to funnel arms to rebel insurgents. Hannibal and the gang foil the plot and the kids have the merriest Christmas ever.
True or False?

Blossom "A Special Blossom Holiday": Blossom and pal Six feel sorry for a Jewish friend who they think is isolated while everyone else is celebrating Christmas. They try to involve her in lights and tinsel activities only to learn from the girl's Rabbi how special Hanukkah is. As a reward for her caring, Blossom is given the honor of reciting the Hanerot Halalu during the lighting the family's menorah.
True or False?

Beverly Hills 90210 "Santa Knows": Ben's parents reject his gifts and he attempts to commit suicide only to be saved by David at the last minute. Steve and a Santa-suit clad Nat help restore Zach's Christmas spirit after a friend tells him that there is no Santa Claus.
True or False?

Walker, Texas Ranger "A Ranger's Christmas": Walker recounts the story of Hayes Cooper, a Old West Scrooge-like Texas Ranger who finally learned to have Christmas spirit.
True or False?

BJ and The Bear "Silent Night, Smokie Fright": BJ and "Stacks" have to outrun Sheriff Lobo's men to deliver a shipment of toys to a New Mexico Indian reservation hospital. In the skirmish, Bear is wounded and the potential loss of his chimp reminds BJ of the Christmas message.
True or False?

ALF "Oh, Tannerbaum": Willie and ALF spend the night in the woods after the car breaks down while picking out a Christmas tree. ALF learns the true meaning of Christmas when he fears losing his friend.
True or False?

The Greatest American Hero "Mistletoe Rocket Man": Mr. Hinkley must thwart the plans of a Soviet agent intent on using the US's own codes to launch a nuclear missile on Christmas Eve. He manages to divert the missile to detonate in outer space and only his special red suit saves him from the rocket blast. He and Pam share their first kiss under the lights of the Christmas tree.

True or False?

Think you got them all right? What were some of the most surprising and unlikely TV Christmas specials you remember?
(Answers: True, False, False, True, True, False, True, False)

As an added bonus, if you can think of a show that didn't broadcast a Christmas special episode, list it in the comment section below and Trooper will post a synopsis of the holiday program that never happened.


Doug Stephens said...

Most of these shows sound gay. I don't mean gay as an insult. I mean gay as in homosexual. Most of these shows sound homosexual.

Trooper Thorn said...

Doug: I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to say. These shows sound as if they are sexually attracted to other shows of the same gender?