Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kim Kardashian Thinks!

Barbara Walters interviewed Kim Kardashian this week for her annual special "10 Most Fascinating People". The veteran reporter pulled no punches, asking the reality celebrity  tough questions about her sex tape, family squabbles, brief marriage and other touchy subjects. Walters even when so far as to question why the Kardashian sisters enjoy such fame when they have no actual talent. Kardashian appears uncomfortable throughout the interview and thanks to Dogs & Jeans patented mind-reading technology, now you know why:

Top Ten Thoughts Running Through Kim Kardashian's Mind With Barbara Walters:
  1. Why is this old lady screaming at me?
  2. If Ron Paul can motivate his identified support to get to the polls, he can win the Iowa caucuses.
  3. Did I eat lunch already?
  4. Is that tingling the botox wearing off?
  5. I have to remember to call Lindsey Lohan later.
  6. Do dee do do, dum da dum.
  7. All human suffering is the result of the ego's denial of reality.
  8. I like kitties.
  9. Does an annulment put me on Santa's Naughty list?
  10. My feet hurt.


Amish Stories said...

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Michelle said...

I'm guessing the only sound in her head is a very low humming sound and not much else. Maybe wind too.

LOLA said...

Kim wouldn't merely wonder why this old lady is screaming at her. She'd wonder, Who IS this woman and why does she get to scream at me, the young and the beautiful Kim Kard . . . she stops there because she never learned to spell her last name.


ChopperPapa said...

All I want for Christmas is the Kardashians to go away. Forever.

Trooper Thorn said...

Richard: What this blog needs are more Amish stories. Welcome, but don't try and sneak in any Hutterite stories!

Michelle: And crickets.

LOLA: Spelling is for the uglee.

Chopper: Perhaps a petition might help.

Anonymous said...

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