Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In-Flight Entertainment

I'm travelling across the country today which requires stop-overs at two airports. Canada is a large sparsely populated nation, so non-stop flights don't always "all the way" as they used to say in high school (and likely now say in middle school).

I have always like airports. They contain a curious mix of rushing and waiting. Clusters of folks sitting patiently to board in two hours while others race by to catch a connection threatening to take off without them. Amid this hubbub, I can sit and read, write or think without the risk that anyone is going to call me with some crisis (professional or personal) that I'm expected to solve. The anonymity is quite relaxing, knowing the chance I will run into anyone I know is as good as Kristin Stewart winning an Oscar for any Twilight movies.

However, one thing has always puzzled me about airport services: what is the purpose of selling "adult" magazines at the newsstands? They are already partially covered from view on the shelves indicating their general shame-based content. I would assume carrying one through the terminal would require a similar level of discretion.

Or is the reader expected to embrace his (or her) own deviance and masturbate right there on the
plane (except for those passengers in the exit rows - they have too much responsibility to engage in image-inspired self abuse)?


CheesyDoug said...

Yes, right there on the plane? Why do you think they offer blankets with which to cover yourself? Heck, they'd probably give you a wet nap to clean yourself up with afterwards if you asked nicely.

CheesyDoug said...

I got excited with the question marks. Please ignore the first one.

Anonymous said...

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