Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Blog Review

During this last week of 2011, many websites are posting their look back at the year's events. Dogs & Jeans is no different. Please enjoy this listing of readers' favorite articles over the past twelve months.

Happy New Year and come back again in 2012.

What's Wrong With American Women?
Oscar Snubs

Grammy Shockers!
Link to Rescue Zelda, Again!

Satan Defends Hell
Walmart Torture Hearing

Alaskan Budget Crisis
Is The Last Supper a Sign The Economy Is Getting Worse?

Bin Laden Tribute?
Any More Money Microsoft?
The Obamas' Conversation With The Queen

Safe From Cell Phones?
Whose Bulge Is That?

NFL Secrets Deals
Radical Islam Reverses Aging

Budget Diet Plan
Football Rescues America!
America To Abandon The Dollar?

Crime Fighting Modest Proposals
Bet On Bachelor Pad

Captured/Executed Gadhafi Witty Remarks
Wanna Get Laid For Halloween?
Serendipitous Halloween News

Who Will Protect America?
What's On The Food Network?

Know Your Christmas TV Specials
A Tim Tebow Christmas


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