Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What I Learned This Halloween: Part 2

Two Halloween's ago, I posted some newly found wisdom gained while handing out candy. This year proved to be no less educational.

  • Trick or treating in the mall at 4 PM does not have the same mystique as going door to door in the foggy darkness. It actually borders on costumed extortion.
  • On a dollar per hour basis, trick or treating generates about $1.70/hour in revenue
  • Requiring teenagers to actually say "Trick or Treat" results in an unfavorable Facebook comment by the time they are at the end of your driveway.
  • You can add the word "zombie" to anything and it becomes a costume: zombie accountant, zombie physiotherapist, zombie teacher's assistant.
  • Kids do not prefer edemame to Oh Henry's.
  • Despite there being no evidence to support it, I carrying on  scaring my kids about weirdos putting razor blades in the candy the same way my parents did.
  • On the eve of Movember, my upper lip Day 1 bristles are not sufficient to be considered a costume all on their own.
By next Halloween, I hope to know it all.


tammy said...

My 10 yr old would totally prefer edamame to Oh Henry bars.

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