Thursday, October 20, 2011

Captured/Executed Gadhafi Witty Remarks

Back in September, Dogs & Jeans asked "Where is Gadhafi?". Now we know; he's dead. Anyone who has seen the video of his capture can only be shocked at his condition; he made the most derelict homeless man look like a young Paul Newman. As you attend Halloween parties this weekend, where Gadhafi costumes, both dead and alive, will now be 'de riguer', you may have an opportunity to use at least one of these Captured/Executed Gadhafi Witty Remarks. This list of "One-Liners" is guaranteed to make you the life of the party (even if the deposed leader isn't the life of anything anymore). 
  • Yeah, fight to the death -- or at least until you're really just tired of squatting in a rat filled sewer! 
  • Libyan Strongman? More like The Bodybag of Banghazi
  • I'll say this for the Libyan insurgency -- they won't be taken seriously as a movement until they get more competent security around their construction sites.
  • And he was about to be named Dos Equis' Second Most Interesting Man in The World.
  • At least we don't have to argue anymore about whether to spell his name with a G, a K or a Q.
  • When your kids suggest putting you in a home, run! 

  • Poor Burt Reynolds. It seems he never really got over Sally Field. 
  • War on Terror? More like War on Hygiene. 
  • Makes you wonder -- how much worse off are all the Gadhafi look-alikes? 
  • We laugh, but just wait till we see Barack Obama after eight months of retirement.
  • Who dressed him? I've seen week-old paper lunch bags in the bottom of my kid's backpack that looked better.
  • That's what you get when you hire your girlfriends as body guards.
  • Was that the "After" photo of Mitt Romney following six months on the backbenches? 
  • I hear Chris Angel keeps calling the Pentagon asking to rent the cement pipe "hiding hole" for his next stunt.
What? Too soon?


Coffeypot said...

My question is, where was his all female security guards this morning? FAIL!

Trooper Thorn said...

Coffeypot: CNN reports they were all at ZUMBA class.