Friday, September 16, 2011

Holiday With Trooper: Day 2

Despite the late night from the one and one thirds baseball game the night before, there was no chance that Trooper and Gang would sleep-in the next morning. After a quick breakfast of gourmet bagels at Seattle's Blazing Bagels (with the most generous portions of cream cheese I have ever seen) we were back at Safeco Field for a tour. The tour guide took an instant liking to our three kids and decided to take us off on our own. "Uncle" Ted, as he quickly became known to us, took us through the tunnels under the stadium, Diamond Club lounge and seats for the hoi-poloi, the press room (where I answered questions about my hypothetical management of the team) and out into the Mariners' dugout. Uncle Ted decided the kids we so well behaved, each one received an Ichiro jersey! We were so jealous.

There was no time to  dwell, because we had to get off to the airport for the flight to Anaheim. We thanked Uncle Ted, dashed back to the hotel for our bags and headed to the airport. Lunch had to be postponed until we were through security. After all the posts Dogs and Jeans has posted ripping those involved in airport security, it was comforting to see the lampooning only scratched the surface of how ridiculous the whole process is. So lunch was very, very late.

A little more than two hours later we landed at John Wayne International. Sunny California was exactly that - sunny and gorgeous. And the traffic was everything I've expected too! Miles and miles of cars standing still. Of course, just like at home, most of the cars had only one person behind the wheel. There's something we could do to solve the congestion but I just can't put my finger on it...

The hotel is fine, the pool is nice, supper was delicious and after we got the kids down, Mrs. Trooper and I are excited about Disneyland on Day 3.