Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beyonce Baby Tweets

During the MTV video awards Sunday, Beyonce announced she is expecting her first child. What followed was a flurry of Twitter activity by her fans, peaking at a record of 8,868 Tweets/sec. AS many readers know, Dogs and Jeans does not participate in Twitter, but we did swing by to see what so many loyal fans could have been saying. Some of the most interesting are posted here:
  • Lose wait with Acia Berries. Ask me how!
  • Bravo! Beautiful Baby Bump Beyonce! Best Before Ball Bunchers! Beetle Bailey! Boo!
  • So happy for you and 50 Cent!
  • Free ED Viagra Trial Pack. 100mg x 180 Tabs ONLY $196!!
  • You should name the baby justin beiber
  • When are you and En Vogue going to get back together?
  • I will never masturbate to your videos again!
  • I am Mr. Attoh Koffi Richard. I am 47 years of age from Accra-Ghana and a Chief Auditor at the International Remittance Department (IRD) at Ghana Central Bank . I have an amounting Excess of USD Three Hundred & Eighty-Four Million (USD 384,000.000.00) which has been lying in our suspense deposit account for safe keeping.
  • Oh yeah? Rihanna's still better than you because she's adopting!
  • Brad Pitt wants to be friends on Facebook.
  • Loved your performance in "The Help"
  • Guess what! Your Fantasies are all Here. Local, tasty and REAL!
  • But how long has your ass been pregnant?