Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Winter Olympic Secrets

The Top Ten Reasons South Korea was awarded the 2020 Winter Olympics over Annecy, France and Munich, Germany:
  1. IOC members thought popular Korean cuisine items 'Bibim Guksu' and 'Dubu Kimchi' were competitive events. 
  2. Casey Anthony endorsed France upon her release. 
  3. Since the reunification of the East and West, German steroids are now just unrefined horse urine.
  4. Theme of Annecy opening ceremonies: "Go Back To Your Trailer Parks Lazy Americans!"
  5. Defending figure skating champ Kim Yu-Na can substitute in both short track and long track speed skating if needed.
  6. Concerns that French PM Nicolas Sarkozy would steal gold medals to offer as tribute to his wife, model Carla Bruni.
  7. German plans to import leftover snow from the Vancouver 2010 Olympics if their climate is further affected by global warming seemed "ill-conceived".
  8. IOC Committee was unable to think clearly because it was still too upset that Winnipeg was not in the running to host the games. 
  9. Pyeonchang is now declared a "Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes-Free Zone". 
  10. France? After the '92 Albertville fiasco? Are you serious?


yogurt said...

Laughing at the gold medals Sarkozy would steal!

Trooper Thorn said...

Yogurt: If you won the Nordic Combined only to have him swipe it you wouldn't be laughing.

Anonymous said...

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