Monday, July 18, 2011

Where Can Casey Anthony Hide?

Casey Anthony was released from jail this weekend after nearly four years. However, it is unlikely she could resume her old life after the trial. Because of the vast number of people who claim to "hate" the acquitted mother of Caylee Anthony, Casey will need to find somewhere she can live in anonymity. But were in this 24/7 news and Facebook world can she go where she won't be seen?
July 19 Update: Rumors are swirling that Casey Anthony has fled to Iran!


Julianna said...

Sadly, if she was a house guest on Big Brother, they'd likely have the highest ratings on TV ever. :(

Trooper Thorn said...

Julianna: What if the show had a sniper?

Anonymous said...

Good article! I bet she's dyed her hair light blonde and cut it short--but long enough in front to sort of hide her face and she's probably getting colored contacts. She's probably wear completely different clothes than maybe go goth or something. If she had money she could do some plastic surgery. But, in the end she'll probably tell everyone who she really is because she's THAT stupid and in her super psychotic mind, she THINKS she's the best thing on earth. It won't be long before she ends up in trouble with the law again or seriously injured by the 99.5% of our population who despise the slut.