Monday, June 27, 2011

What's In The Mail?

After more than a week on strike, Canada Post workers are being forced back to work. The government legislation is expected to pass today and mail should begin to move Tuesday. Canadians who have enjoyed the relative freedom of an empty mailbox can begin to expect a deluge of the following:
  • Bills (which they will have already paid on-line through pre-authorized monthly withdrawals)
  • People, Us and InStyle magazines (featuring stories about Jennifer Aniston and Daniel Craig they will have already read about on celebrity blogs)
  • Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes Packages (but the deadline has now passed so you are no longer A WINNER!)
  • Flyers for gutter cleaning, pest removal and free real estate appraisals (but nobody is buying homes these days anyway)
  • Sports Illustrated renewal notices (but with no NFL likely this year, what's the point?)
  • A postcard from your aunt who is visiting Nott's Berry Farm ("Weather is hot, park is crowded and I don't trust the look of any of the ride attendants. Wish you were here! Love, Aunt Donna)
  • Tea Party donation requests (they even send them to Canada)
  • The latest Playboy (in the era of Internet porn, Playboy seems quaint)
  • A tax audit notice from Revenue Canada with a deadline that has already passed. (Congratulations! You can expect an arrest warrant any day!)


Julianna said...

Working for the US Post Office, I think this strike was telling of what's to come here.

Only difference is that we can't strike and they can't lay us off. It's been a non negotible contract point for years.

Honestyly though, that's all I'm delivering... the paper (at 1/4 the volume I used to) bills, an occasional birthday card, and of course certified forclosure notices.


Stacy Lynn said...

Very telling. There are several mail carriers in my family and they are delivering less and less mail with each count, it seems and having to work more days. Just too slow, I suppose, though you really can't beat the price of a letter.

Henrietta Collins (aka Kage) said...

see, this is why i don't ever check my mailbox . there's never anything good in it.

Trooper Thorn said...

Julianna & Stacy Lynn: Maybe you can collaborate on a novel about a mail carrier who sees the decline of society depicted in the quality of her deliveries and uses a magical mail bag to bring good news once again. Plus some hot bodice ripping and a car chase.

Kage: That's what she said!