Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Bible on Broadway?

Following on the heels of the impressive success of The Book of Mormon, Broadway producers are scrambling to turn other religious subjects into theatre productions. The awards, accolades and popularity of a musical with sacred subject matter is nothing new when you consider such classics as “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and “Oh! Calcutta”! Producers hope that scouring mankind’s religious tomes will provide another smash hit for next season.

Some of the shows currently under consideration are:

A young prince rejects the court when he learns he is really the adopted son of oppressed peasants. He returns years later to deliver his people from bondage by conjuring seven supernatural disasters. Songs include:
  • “If There’s Blood on the Door Posts, We’ll Still Need That College Fund”
  • “Moses and the Israelites Think They Can Outsmart Us”
  • “Pick Your Plague People"
  • “The Bush Burned But I Didn’t Inhale”
  • "I’d Wander the Desert For You”

The Image of Mohammed
A talented artist suffers a head injury resulting in a bizarre affliction: he can now only draw and paint images of Mohammed. He begins to do so obsessively. He unwittingly becomes a lightning rod for all manner of extremist groups from Evangelical Christians who declare his art as blasphemy, pro-Americans who see him as the poster child for anti-terrorist efforts and Islamic fundamentalists who issue a fatwa for his heresy. Songs include:
  • “Hey, It’s Just a Dude in a Robe”
  • “Would You Love Me If I Could Paint You a Rose?”
  • “Only Mohammed Shall See Mohammed, All Others Must Have Their Eyes Burned Out” performed by a chorus of dancing Ayatollahs.

A song and dance extravaganza to dazzle the senses of the audience with a celebration of Caribbean culture. Songs include:
  • "The Chicken(bone) Dance"
  • "Da Tarot Don't Lie Mon"
  • "Let's Make A Zombie!"
  • "Love Potion Numbers 1 Through 8"

Being Here (Now)
A young Indian man discovers the secret to happiness is accepting the reality of life is change and to simply be present in the moment. He tries to tell others but his message is not complicated enough to be respected. Eventually he gives up and moves into the city where he starts a call center business and becomes a wealthy, sexually satisfied Bollywood producer but is unhappy. Songs include:
  • ‘How Many Lives Do You Need To Find Love?”
  • “Take It One Breath At A Time”
  • “Zen’s The Thing”
  • “Be Present With Me”

A Funny Thing Happened At The Last Supper
A light-hearted farce built around trying to figure out who is going to betray Jesus during the Last Supper. Full of mistaken identity, misunderstandings and hidden agendas practically ripped from your favourite "Three’s Company" episodes. Songs include:
  • "Who’s’ Gonna Do It?”
  • “Judas, Pass the Salt”
  • “Let’s Invite Some Women Next Time”
  • "Are You Going to Finish Your Hummus Jesus?”
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