Thursday, June 9, 2011

Is Weiner Wanted?

And the Anthony Weiner Saga continues on for another news cycle (and hopefully the last). The embattled congressman is refusing calls from his own Democratic party to step down. He claims that while he has shown bad judgement and lied to the press, he has represented his New York constituents well. However, there are signs he may no longer be in favour with the voters and will soon be out of a job regardless:
  • The Mattel company has unveiled a new Barbie boyfriend: 'Sexting Anthony' who wears only tighty whities.
  • His suits returned from the dry cleaners but replaced by Burger King shirt, apron and paper hat.
  • Congressional parking spot taken over by a Sunglasses Hut.
  • He has been offered a part in the next Hangover movie as sex-starved former politician.
  • The Post Office has unveiled his own stamp as part of the "Disgraced Congressional" series.
  • Limo driver now arrives behind the wheel of a Vespa.
  • Eliot Spitzer no longer takes his phone calls.
  • The CDC screens his constituent letters now arriving coated with a "white powdery substance".
  • Two words: ticking briefcase.
  • Even DC hookers no longer give him a second look when he frequents the national monuments.
  • Polling shows voters believe Amanada Bynes is more discrete user of Twitter.


Ed said...

"...he has represented his New York constituents well"
-After seeing the photos, I would say he wasn't representing much. In fact, his representation came up a little short.

The saddest thing in all of this is that his wife is pretty fucking hot.

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