Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fans Revive Harry Potter

Much to the delight of Harry Potter fans around the world, J.K Rowling has announced the launch of "Pottermore". This on-line publication of the Harry Potter series will enrich the readers' experience not only with 1000's of Potter graphics and images, but also reader contributed plots. That's right: Fan Fiction! Now every Griffindor Wannabe with Internet access can post stories about the boy wizard and his pals.

Unfortunately, this approach to obtaining content for Pottermore will not result in new plots as clever as those suggested by Dogs and Jeans nearly a year ago (and I was assured by my mother that they are indeed very clever). Sadly, fan contributed chapters will be more like this:
  • "The Week Justin Bieber Came to Hogwarts"
  • "Harry Potter Finally Accepted My Friend Invite on Facebook"
  • "The Great Quiddich Match Against The Kids From True Blood"
  • "What I'd Do To Hermione If I Ever Got Her Alone"
  • "Ron  vs The Sea Monster"
  • "Bam Margera Accepts A Dare From Slytherin or 'Bet You Can't Stick Your Junk In The Mouth of The Basilisk'"
  • "Why Star Trek: The Next Generation Is Cooler Than Harry Potter"
  • "The Time Severus Snape Hacked Anthony Weiner's Twitter Account and Sent Inappropriate Pictures of Himself"
  • "Headmaster Sarah Palin Restores Family Values to Hogwarts."
  • "I Have A Magic Wand... In My Pants!"


Julianna said...

I'm still laughing from Sarah Palin and family values being in the same sentance. :)

LOLA said...

Oh dear. With Sarah Palin in charge, Hermione would be preggers; Harry, who swings both ways, would be the baby daddy to assist Ron, who is a total fruit but wants to be a father; and Ginny would be a victim of incest, the twins' fault. Luminos!


Trooper Thorn said...

Juilanna: You won't be laughing when she requires all American's to be armed, with sarcasm.

LOLA: Perhaps Voldemort will save them.

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