Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is This The End?

Sadly, it looks like Dogs and Jeans, along with the Internet, Washington, movies, professional sport, quiting bees, rainbows, ponies and everything else will end on Saturday. According to credible religious sources, May 21 is Judgement Day. Who are we to argue with The Bible?

So thanks Universe; it's been a fun ride! I've learned a bunch from all my experiences here, the good and bad. School, sports, illness, travel, marriage, divorce, parenthood, job loss, financial gains and difficulty, all of it has contributed to a life well lived.

However, if we do all "fade to black" in two days, there will be a few things I'll be sad to have missed finding out:


Mamma has spoken said...

I can't wait to hear from them why the world didn't end on May 21st.

LOLA said...

Excellent questions. No matter what happens, I will still be here, just like the indefatigable cockroach. I'll send my address so you can overnight those concert tickets to me.


Trooper Thorn said...

Mamma: I'm sure they will blame the Lutherans.

LOLA: But will Supertramp still be here?

LOLA said...

Oh silly silly Trooper Thorn. Nothing can destroy Supertramp.


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