Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mud Slinging

Week 4 Update of the Canadian Federal Election: In Which the Campaign Ads Turn Negative

With only two weeks left in the federal election campaign, the major parties have taken off the gloves. TV and radio commercials which had initially presented each party’s unique vision of a happy, healthy and prosperous nation under their government, have now grown scary. The campaign no longer offers voters a chance to elect a government they want. Rather, the ads are intended to frighten people away from each party’s rival. However, some are so negative, they may discourage people from voting altogether.

Here are some excerpts from several ads:

"And he hates old people and immigrants!"
"He will remove your children and sell them for medical experiments!"
"Don't let him poison puppies and kitties for a second time!"
"And a whole lot of cussing in church!"
"Or did he? Better watch you back Mr. and Mrs. Ontario!"
"And it won't be the sexy futuristic femme-bot love-warriors he promised last election!"

Catch up on previous weekly updates here:


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