Thursday, April 7, 2011

Know Your Canadian Election!

It's time for Dogs and Jeans' weekly update on the Canadian Federal Election. Many readers have been writing letters expressing their dismay for not knowing more about the issues. One such reader is Marnie P of Cleveland who asks: "How can we Americans better understand the irrelevance of events in Canada without knowing more about the the four dull white men who lead each of the four major parties?" Well said Marnie P. Thanks for writing and the brownies were delicious. However, please refrain from sending topless photos of yourself in the future, unless you ensure your kids are not in the room when you take the pic.

Marnie P is one of millions of people who live in ignorance, even those from the Greater Toronto Area. There is, in fact, a fifth national party, The Green Party, led by a woman! Yes, the Suffragette Movement is alive and well above the 49th Parallel. They have never won a seat in Parliament, even in a by-election, but they are a plucky little bunch, like the beaver.

Here's a chance to broaden your knowledge about those individuals hoping to become Canadian Prime Minister with this little quiz. Please be aware that Dogs and Jeans does not endorse wagering on on-line multiple choice tests.

Have fun learning!

1. Conservative leader Stephen Harper is demonstrating:
a) his affinity for East Indian culture
b) his love of sport
c) an effective way for controlling an unruly campaign meeting.

2. Bloq Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe visits a Montreal coffee shop to:
a) tell voters about his policy on employment insurance reform
b) show his "folksy" touch with the common man
c) ask for spare change to keep his campaign running.

3. Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is smiling because:
a) he received a warm welcome at this Winnipeg diner
b) he enjoys discussing his ideas for Canada with voters
c) he really, really likes hot dogs

4. NDP leader Jack Layton is engaging workers at this Calgary factory by telling them about:
a) his plans to protect Canadian jobs from the pressures of outsourcing
b) his party's platform to provide government funded job-site daycare
c) this fish he caught last summer in Northern Ontario

5. Green Party leader Elizabeth May is struggling to:
a) gain respectability for the party be electing at least one member to Parliament
b) be added to the panel for the televised leaders' debate.
c) see the crowd over the microphones without standing on a milk crate

6. Stephen Harper is pouring a beer in this Halifax pub in an effort to:
a) show the importance that local businesses like Alexander Keith's Brewery have on the economy
b) connect with potential voters on their own turf
c) numb the pain with alcohol

7. Michael Ingatieff visited a Vancouver hardware store to:
a) discuss his policy on increasing corporate tax rates
b) change his image as an"academic nerd"
c) threaten to smash the skull of any other Liberal candidate that makes a joke about sexual assault.

8. Jack Layton is:
a) demonstrating his familiarity with technology
b) discussing his plans for tax breaks for high tech start ups
c) ordering immigrant workers in his socialist sweat shops to increase the CPU's memory capacity before he sends them back to Ecuador.

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