Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shania Twain Torments Wal-Mart Employees?

It's only the first day of the hearing and already the Wal-Mart Discrimination case is in trouble. In opening arguments before the US Supreme Court, lawyers are trying to justify why hundreds of female workers from across the America should be allowed to petition in one large class-action suit. However, the High Court appears to be reluctant to accept the position that all women have suffered the same level of discrimination and that it is part of a corporate policy within the US's largest private employer. Worse still are some of the other claims of workplace indignities that have been included which weaken the plaintiffs' position entirely:
  • During the store-wide release of Jackass 3D, employees were forced to recreate the final stunt where Steve-O was launched in the air while inside a portable toilet  filled with various types of excrement.
  • The launch of Shania Twain's clothing line was accompanied by subjecting employees to repeated playing of her CD's in the store. A similar charge of torture was brought before the UN Human Rights Council but was rejected.
  • April was declared to be "We Pay Your Taxes" Month at select stores where employees were expected to contribute 10% of their pay towards customer's income tax, until April 15.
  • Employees with daughters between 14 and 17 were encouraged to bring them in for "Hannah Montana Daze". However, rather than being provided with age appropriate Disney Hannah Montana costumes, girls were encouraged to dress instead as "Side Boob" Miley Cyrus.
  • At a Jackson Hole, Wyoming store visit by rocker Bret Michaels, female employees were expected to participate in an impromptu version of Michael's reality show "Rock of Love". While most found the event demeaning, the real issue was that three "contestants" contracted chlamydia just by being in close proximity of the notorious rocker.
  • As part of a Post-Holiday campaign, employees were encouraged to "get back in shape" with a %15 discount on all fitness equipment. Those who unable to meet the company mandated weight loss schedule were posted on MuffinTop.org.


Ed said...

If Miley wants to show off her boobs, who are we to stop her?

That's Billy Ray's job.

We are just innocent onlookers.

Trooper Thorn said...

Ed: But not at a Wal-mart Ed. C'mon, show some class!

Xazmin said...

You are funny. How weird is it that the first 2 blogs I visit tonight are sporting Walmart posts?

Trooper Thorn said...

Xazmin: It's only weird if you are reading Wal-mart posts while not wearing any pants.

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