Monday, January 12, 2009

Need a Million Dollar Idea?

Over the Christmas break I had a conversation with several nameless supporters in which I asked them to come up with a "Million Dollar Business Idea". The only criteria were:
  • it couldn't take much money to get going
  • I didn't need to work any harder than I already do; and
  • the million dollars would be earned within the first 6 months.

Here are some of the more sensible ideas (and by sensible, I mean an idea that could at least be written down in some coherent manner):

  • Theme Park: Okay, somebody was not listening to the criteria. Plus we live in Canada where the period it would be open is only a few months. Hmm, maybe I wouldn't have to work at all part of the year...
  • Rock Band: Satisfies the criteria, and lacking any musical talent has not been a road block to success for many artists (You know who you are Bon Jovi) . But starting out on the road over 40 would be the definition of career failure.
  • Start eBay: Great idea. 5 years too late.
  • Build a car that runs on water: I like the 'green' angle but that sounds like too much work. Next!
  • Develop a video game: This is on the right track, but I'm afraid my idea of good game would be one where the character goes to the library and reads quietly to him or herself. Not enough blood and gore for the larger marketplace.
  • Print your own money: I should have indicated that the idea also had to be legal in the criteria. My mistake.
  • Become a movie star: See "Rock Band" above.

Needless to say, I am still reporting for duty at my current employer. Anyone want to use one if these ideas, go right ahead.


Cocotte said...

You never have love for the Jon Bon, do you Troop? He's got good hair and that's a mighty fine prerequisite for rock stardom.

You need to get something published and then get it on Oprah. Always a surefire way to the hearts of the masses.

only a movie said...

One of my former students was sure he'd be a "pool shark" when he grew up and was gonna make millions.
You might want to try that...

Janie said...

You could follow me around and write about mi vida loca.

I'm sure it would be a best seller - people would buy it just for a fail-safe sleep aid.

Shannon said...

I would pay you a million dollars if you could come up with an idea on how to add a few more hours to a mom's day...

Shannon said...

Of course, I currently don't have a million dollars... but if you figure out how to get me a few more hours to my day in which to get all my mundane errands/ chores done, I would find a way to get you those million buckaroos!

Morgan the Muse said...

nah, none of those do anything for me. Got any more?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I think you should go ahead with the screenplay thing.

sassy stephanie said...

I'll skip the whole "idea" thing and just go with the million. Need me to send you my address?

sassy stephanie said...

Oh, and my vote: screenplay.

Janie said...

Oh, now...wait.

You mean the idea has to sit well with you? It has to be something you like, and make money for you?

Methinks your business thinking might be a tad romantic.

The best idea I've seen in a while? A Do It Yourself Doggy Wash. There are only three in the country, so far. $10 a pop, it's unmanned, in a strip mall, open from 7am - 11pm. Only cost $22K for the machine. Paid itself off in 1 month.

I'm all for passive income. I'm just waiting on ThatManILove to drill that perfect oil/gas well that comes in a gusher.

And I can walk on the moon, too.

Good luck in your hunt!

Swirl Girl said...

Porn. Porn is the new black. And, a pot still. I don't need nuthin' but porn and a pot still.
Cuz who cares at that point if you have a million dollars?

Kristin said...

There's always the lottery.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Swirl girl is my heo.

you SO need to get into porn...

Fetish Porn

Mama Dawg said...

Are you sure printing your own money is illegal? Or is it "making moonshine in your bathtub at home" kind of illegal?

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I've owned a business. Don't want it again, don't need it again. It's WAY Over rated and I sleep MUCH better now :))

I take the lazy way to trying to make millions.... I'm back to purchasing my $1 Powerball lottery ticket once a week. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

- Jennifer

Trooper Thorn said...

Cocette: I'm mention that to Oprah at our next Habitat for Humanity luncheon. Unless JBJ steals my thunder again!

Movie Girl: Pool Shark. Got it.

Janie: I would do that, except for the restraining order.

Shannon: You know you would just be expected to do more then.

Morgan: What makes you think it's about you? I'll mention something to Oprah for you though.

Juggling Jenn and Sassy Stephanie: Thanks. There is still hope.

Swirk Girl and Lizzie: I'm never comfortable mixing my hobbies with my career.

Mama Dawg: Maybe it's more like auctioning off Senate seats illegal.

Jennifer: Well, a dollar is not a lot to invest.