Friday, January 23, 2009

I Like Things That Are Great! - Part 2

Many people ask me: "Trooper, how can you remain so gosh darn positive in these uncertain times?" After I thank them for their concern, and subtly add their name to the list of people to avoid, I refer them to to a posting from last June in praise of simple things I enjoy like my dogs, eating meat and James Taylor.

Since my interests seem to fascinate the other commuters on the bus, perhaps it's time to update the inventory. So here are some More Things I Think Are Great:
  • The Kiss-Cam at sporting events
  • Putting on a shirt right out of the dryer
  • A dog sneezing
  • Extra cheese melted deep within the pile of nacho chips
  • Kansas' rolling plains
  • Stephen Jay Gould essays
  • The first morning in spring when you can smell the moist earth
  • When my kids laugh so hard milk comes out of their nose
  • Rush
  • Winnipeg Blue Bomber Football (even if they lose)
  • National anthems

How about you?


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Law and Order reruns anytime I feel like watching one. That's my comfort TV.

Swirl Girl said...

Kansas and Rush are references to the bands, I hope - and not the place or the person...right?

I love the smell of spring...reminds of my favorite poem by ee cummings called 'in just spring when the world is mud luscious and puddle wonderful'

Trooper Thorn said...

Juggling Jenn: I find there are now too many L&O's from which to choose. I am immobilized by the potential.

Swirl Girl: Actually I mean the state of Kansas so have edited to avoid the confusion. Yes, Rush is the band, and Neil Peart's drumming specifically,

Cocotte said...

Cute guys playing the acoustic guitar and singing songs that they wrote about my greatness. That's what I like! (or would like, if it ever happened to me)

only a movie said...

oh, I like this post. I have a few too... the shuffle function on iPod, extra innings, the way the sky looks at dusk, heated seats in my car...
have a good weekend

Mama Dawg said...

I totoally have to agree on the dog sneezing. It's hilarious!

Kat said...

As a blog writer, I am a huge fan of comments. But for some reason, there are some blogs that I just read. And I thought you should know that I am a fan. Which was completely solidified by your love for Stephen Jay Gould. I don't know anyone who has ever heard of him. And his book about the burgess shale fauna was lyrical and poetic. I don't know how he did it.

And my ubergeek hubby will probably concur with your list. Well, except for the SJG reference. But, he'd love it anyway because you like Rush.

Middle Aged Woman said...

Hey, I know Brett McNeil! He used to be a Blue Bomber, and now coaches the U of Manitoba Bisons Offensive Line. He also studies martial arts at the same place my family does. He flies in a couple times a year to train with our teacher. Very nice, very LARGE guy.

Best Kiss-Cam ever: Steve Yzerman smooched Marty LaPointe on the cheek. Boy was Marty surprised!

BedsideTalesMan said...

Sorry - I did not see part one...yet, but you seem to have forgotten about:
your first pee in the morning
smiling when you catch a glimpse of yourself naked in a mirror
finding a wad of cash in a pocket when doing laundry
Hooking a huge fish

to name a few.

sassy stephanie said...

Oh hell yeah to the Rush. Well, the rockin' Rush, not the frat rush BS, right?

Dog sneezes...ick.

sassy stephanie said...

Yep. Rockin. Guess I should have read all the comments first.

Janie said...

My favorite thing in the whole wide world? My husband's awesome smell.

My second favorite thing? When he writes me a song...and plays it on the guitar. Yummmm.

My third favorite thing?

Starbucks Venti Chai, no water. Hot.

Shannon said...

The fact that my kids are old enough to occupy themselves (read: turn on cartoons and grab a Pop Tart from the pantry) on Saturday mornings, allowing their mama to sleep in.

Morgan the Muse said...

That sounds like a good list. I liked the spring one, but especially that first day that you can go outside barefooted (and be comfortable.I am often forced to go outside in the winter in socks, like when the chihuahua is on the brink of throwing up.)

dizzblnd said...

Puppy breath
The smell outside right after it rains
My showerhead
70 degree winters

Just to name a few

Justine said...

Hey Trooper! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Maybe we'll wind up being new followers of each other. Although, you'll have to explain to me why you enjoy the sneeze of a dog. LOL

Justine :o )

Cristin said...

Wine, and silence in which to enjoy it...

A Free Man said...

Love me some positivity!

Personally, right now when the temps in Adelaide are topping 40C, I love air conditioning

Midwest Mom said...

A dog sneezing is way better than Rush.

What about getting the last piece of pie?

Or making the first footprints in fresh snow?

Those are my favorites. ;)

- MM

Karen said...

I love the rolling Kansas plains as well.
Giggling toddlers,lightening in a night sky, the smell of dogwood trees in the spring are just a few on my list.

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